Seven Deadly Zins

I tried this wine at some point in the past, and I didn’t understand what all the hubbub was about. This time, however, when it came into my possession, I was somewhat excited at the prospect of trying it again, years later.

I was pleasantly surprised.

It has a great stand alone flavor, not necessarily bold, although maybe I do want to go there without being too overpowering, yet its not as weak as some of the Zins I’ve had lately. In sum, it has flavor.

I would definitely recommend it for a dinner party, especially in mixed company. It has the  character of appealing to those who might prefer Cabs or Merlots exclusively. However, it’s probably a wine drinker’s wine, if that makes sense. Anyway, glad it came across my wine rack again, I am always happy to accept wine “donations.” 🙂

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