Quite possibly the worst wine ever

Even worse than Carlo Rossi.

I feel bad writing this because I do believe it is from an area relevant to my Spanish family, but seriously I don’t know what happened here. I received two bottles, so I gave one to my brother in law to try. Maybe my bottle was spoiled, at least I hope that was the case. Information about the wine here. So it’s a $10 bottle of wine, I guess my expectations shouldn’t have been too high, but I thought, well it’s a rose, those are usually ok, potable at least. But this, my friends, I’m not sure I would drink if I had no other fluid available.

Essentially, it reminds me of the flavor of cognac (which I don’t generally prefer anyway), except that it doesn’t have the body, the warmth, or the alcohol content. So it’s basically like a cold, flat, cognac flavor disguised as a wine. And the alcohol flavor is overwhelming. Pass on this one.

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